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Bank of Israel Payments Conference:

“A Look at the Future World of Payments”

Monday, June 20, 2022

 International Convention Center, Jerusalem


Don't miss out

Bank of Israel Payments Conference:
“A Look at the Future World of Payments”


Within the framework of adjusting the Israeli market to the world of payments and encouraging competition and innovation in the financial system, the Bank of Israel is promoting financial infrastructures and digital means of payment in the Israeli economy.


Come hear and discover the future world of payments in Israel’s economy!

Monday, June 20, 2022



amir yaron.jpg

Prof.  Amir Yaron

Governor, Bank of Israel

Stefan Ingves.jpg

Stefan Ingves


and Chairman of the Executive Board

Sveriges Riksbank

Registration Fee



Parking lot on site cost 50 ILS per day



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Conference moderator: Ms. Nurit Felter-Eitan, Head of Communications, Public Affairs & Community Relations Department

09:00-09:40 Session I - Opening Session

The evolution of payment technology


Opening remarks

Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof. Amir Yaron


The new world of payments – the central bank’s role

The central bank’s role and experience in enabling a modern payment system.

One on one conversation Amir Yaron, Governor, BOI with Stefan Ingves, Governor of Sveriges Riksbank, Sweden’s central bank.


09:40-11:20 Session II—Regulation and governance session

The world of payments in Israel – a road map

The Bank of Israel’s vision and targets, where the world has progressed and the situation in Israel.

Oded Salomy, Director of Payment Systems and Settlement, Bank of Israel


Changing the rules of the game: The open banking reform

Promoting technological innovation and open banking as a tool for consumers and businesses

Yair Avidan, Supervisor of Banks, Bank of Israel


10:15-10:40 Break

How do we start a revolution?

The roles of the government and the regulator in advancing innovation in the world of payments – as regulators, as policy makers, or as market participants?

  •  Financial infrastructure for advancing competition, Anat Guetta, Chair of the Israel Securities Authority

  • On fintech, insuretech, and the Israeli economy from the capital market's point of view, Moshe Bareket, Capital Market Authority Commissioner

  • Accelerating innovations in the government payment systemsYaheli Rothenberg, Accountant General, Ministry of Finance


Moderator: Amiram Barkat, Digital Media, Bank of Israel


11:20-11:30 Break for parallel sessions

11:30-12:20 Parallel sessions—The payment industry

12:20-12:45 Break

12:45-14:25 Session IV—Digital currencies of Central Banks

Opening remarks

Andrew Abir, Deputy Governor, Bank of Israel


International panel on CBDC

Where is the world headed in terms of digital currencies

Panel Participants:

  • Aleksi Grym, Head of Fintech and Principal Adviser, Bank of Finland

  • Cathering Gu*, Global CBDC Product Lead, Visa 

  • Raphael Auer*, Head of Eurocenter BIS Innovation Hub

  • John Velissarios, Global Managing Director - Blockchain and Multiparty Systems - Digital Assets, Custody & CBDC Lead, Accenture

Moderator: Dr. Sigal Ribon, Head of the Monetary Division, Research Department and a member of the digital shekel steering committee at the Bank of Israel



The Digital Shekel project

Why is the BOI planning a digital shekel if it has not yet decided to issue one?

Yoav Soffer, Head of the Digital Shekel project


A peek at the "Secret Trials" – Technological research on a Bank of Israel digital shekel.

Presentation of technological trials

  • Lior Georgi, Information Technology Department Director, Bank of Israel 

  • Tomer Mizrhai, CTO, Bank of Israel

  • Daniel Eidan, BIS Innovation Hub Hong Kong Bank for International Settlement


14:25-14:30 Concluding remarks
14:30-15:30 Lunch